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Join me as I share insights and discoveries from my journey in the world as a software engineering manager by day and tinkerer by night.

About Me

🚀 Engineering Manager | Mentor | Former Ruby on Rails Engineer | Advocate for Trust & Quality in Tech Teams

Hello 👋

I’m Christoph, an experienced Engineering Manager with a rich background as a Ruby on Rails full-stack engineer, specializing in backend technologies and Linux based (cloud) infrastructure. Over the past 8 years, I’ve led diverse product and architecture teams, guiding them through complex challenges and innovative solutions.

🌟 Who am I here for? My mission is to inspire and guide junior engineering managers embarking on their leadership journey and senior engineers contemplating a leap into management roles.

✨ What I Share: Expect insights on everything from the nuances of backend technologies and product development to the art of engineering management. I’m all about creating environments where trust flourishes and quality is paramount. I believe in empowering my teams with the freedom to explore creative solutions, ensuring they feel supported and confident in their decision-making.

🔍 My Philosophy: At the heart of my approach is trust. I’ve learned that trusting your team and fostering a culture of mutual respect leads to extraordinary results. This philosophy has not only shaped my teams but also my personal growth as a leader.

💡 Join Me: Whether you’re a new manager seeking guidance or a seasoned engineer curious about the leap into management, I’m here to share my experiences, lessons learned, and strategies for success. Let’s connect, discuss, and grow together in this exciting journey of engineering leadership!

📡 Connect with me: On LinkedIn.