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The Power of Brag Documents

04 March 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of careers and professional development, one constant remains: our achievements are the bedrock upon which we build our professional narrative. However, amidst the hustle of day-to-day tasks and long-term objectives, many great milestones can fade into the background, forgotten by the time we need to showcase our accomplishments the most. This is where the practice of maintaining a ‘Brag Document’ becomes an indispensable tool for any professional dedicated to continuous growth and success.

What is a Brag Document?

A Brag Document is a personal record that logs professional victories, no matter how small or big. From successful project completions to skills acquired, from positive client feedback to goals exceeded - this living document serves as a testament to your hard work, dedication, and professional journey. I have come across this type of document early in my management career when the Director that I was working for pointed me towards the idea of such a document. It has since then become one of the things that I keep logging my personal achievements into, but also recommend every one of my direct reports to keep such a log of achievements.

The Benefits of a Brag Document

Continuous Self-Reflection: By consistently updating your Brag Document, you are engaging in a deliberate practice of self-reflection. This helps you recognize your strengths, and identify areas for improvement, fostering continual growth.

Preparedness for Performance Reviews: When performance review season inevitably arrives, you will find yourself steps ahead with a detailed account of your contributions. This preparation helps you un-procrastinate preparing for it and sets you up for a constructive review conversation with your superiors. Plus, you are already half-way prepared.

Confidence in Your Capabilities: On days filled with doubt or challenging encounters, your Brag Document is a reminder of your capabilities and accomplishments. It’s a confidence booster that reconnects you with your professional worth.

Evidence of Achievement: When you’re in the running for a promotion, a raise, or even exploring new career opportunities, your Brag Document provides concrete evidence of your achievements, making your case not just compelling, but also credible.

Personal Branding: In today’s professional ecosystem, branding isn’t just for companies. Your Brag Document paints a clear picture of who you are as a professional and can be an invaluable asset in shaping your personal brand.

Creating and Using Your Brag Document

Start by setting a recurring reminder to update your Brag Document - be it weekly, monthly, or after every completed project. Detail your specific actions, the skills you utilized, any quantifiable results, and any praise or constructive feedback you received.

Your Brag Document can be as simple as a text document, an elaborate spreadsheet with different categories, or even a personal blog. The key is consistency and ease of use.

Visibility: While primarily for your eyes, parts of your Brag Document can be transformed into portfolio pieces or LinkedIn posts that publicly celebrate your wins and attract potential career opportunities.

Remember, every entry into your Brag Document is a cause for self-celebration. It’s crucial to acknowledge your progress and understand that every step forward, no matter the size, is an integral part of your career journey.


In a world where our professional feats can often become overshadowed by the next immediate goal, a Brag Document shines a light on our past and present accomplishments, serving as an anchor of self-awareness and a launching pad for future success. By maintaining this dynamic record, you not only affirm your progress but also arm yourself with the most persuasive tool in your career arsenal: your proven track record. It also serves as a reflection in the hectic day to day business to ask yourself the question whether you are really working on the things that you love.

Embrace the practice of documenting your professional triumphs, and watch as it transforms not just how you perceive your career, but also how others perceive the trajectory of your professional story.