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The Power of Brag Documents

04 March 2024

Discover the transformative benefits of maintaining a Brag Document to chronicle your professional achievements and bolster your career growth; an essential tool for performance review preparedness, self-reflection, and personal branding. Learn how to confidently document and celebrate your successes, ensuring they stand out in your career narrative and contribute to your future advancements.

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What is platform engineering

11 February 2024

Learn about the synergy between Platform Engineering and DevOps, how they enhance development processes, and streamline deployment in this article.

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Service Reliability Math - and what it means

16 January 2024

AWS services like S3 promise "five 9's" (99.999%) uptime, but what does that mean in actual time that it is unavailable? You might be surprised. Better prepare fallback strategies and check your team's system availability regularly to avoid issues.

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The Importance of Being a Code Reviewer

12 December 2023

Code reviews transcend mere scrutiny; they foster knowledge sharing and professional growth. Discover how they can enhance your skills as a reviewer, encourage best practices, and how they build stronger teams. Learn how you can transform your code review process into a powerful learning experience.

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Thoughts on Technical Debt

03 August 2023

Technical debt, while often seen as a negative, can be a strategic choice in fast-paced development environments. Managing it effectively is key to balancing rapid progress with long-term code health. Learn more about the strategies to handle technical debt, as well as insights from Google's approach. Dive in to explore how you can navigate and mitigate technical debt in your projects.

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