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Join me as I share insights and discoveries from my journey in the world as a software engineering manager by day and tinkerer by night.

LumiPage: a reading lamp

09 January 2024

Say goodbye to straining your eyes or disturbing your partner with bright lamps when reading in bed at night. LumiPage uses your phone’s screen to emit a soft, adjustable light, transforming your device into the perfect reading lamp. With LumiPage, you can easily adjust the brightness and color to suit your needs, ensuring a comfortable reading environment no matter the time of day. Whether you’re diving into a thrilling novel, studying for an exam, or catching up on your favorite magazine, LumiPage provides the ideal illumination for all your reading materials.

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Home Energy Monitor

16 April 2023

This year, I embarked on an exciting journey of harnessing solar power for my home. My starting point was a 400Wp solar panel that I installed on my balcony. The inverter for this is a Deye Sun 300, which houses a built-in webserver. This server continuously provides data about the amount of energy currently being generated.

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Deye Sun and Loxone

20 January 2023

As we ushered in the new year, I found myself the proud owner of a 400Wp solar panel that I installed on my balcony. The kit I got came with a Deye Sun 300 inverter. Like many, this inverter has an in-built webserver, which conveniently displays the amount of power being generated in somewhat real time. Naturally, as a smart home enthusiast, I was eager to integrate this data into my Loxone smart home server. Allow me to share with you a step-by-step guide on how I made this possible.

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